Crowdfunding platforms enable creative minds to bring the best idea to life. In reality, however, we found that many projects in crowdfunding communities are fraudulent intentionally, fail to deliver as promised and no protection for the money that goes in one shot

No Project Execution Control

Crowdfunding creates the opportunity for advancing the product and services to the next level. However, once such project raised funds successfully,there is NO control over project deliverable as Makers have the full authority in the project.

All or Nothing

All the raising fund goes to Makers in one shot, making Backers NO chance to protect their investment and allow project creator not deliver the products or services as planned.

FairEco Platform



Contract in FairEco is solely for Backer and Maker, not any intermediary. The platform commits to maintain none of central wallet.

FairEco platform is built for the community, for people who believe in Crowdfunding that really make the impact.



FairEco platform adds project payment policy to govern project execution mechanism providing an opportunity for Backers to approve or deny payment in each payment period to ensure the project execution remains under control.

FairEco platform protects Backer fund and reduces any financial and project execution risk to the acceptable level.



With project payment policy in the contract enable Backer to control project payment. Backer is able to stop any projects that cannot operate as planned, delay in delivery, or likely to terminate while keeping the good one executing until its end.

The ability to control project payment makes FairEco platform fair enough for everyone.



All transactions can be examined transparently as all information is available on Blockchain. We also maintain no central wallet policy to ensure our platform's transparency


All backers bear low risk of investment as standard controls put in place to mitigate any project execution risks to the acceptable level protecting backers from losing all their investment money


We truly believe in Crowdfunding that shape the world in better way and allow great minds collaborating together to deliver the awesome thing to the community. We build this platform purposely to limit any fraudulent activities while enable the good one to continue their execution until project complete


Because the platform is based on Cryptocurrency, the time needed for each transaction is significantly less. Withdrawal by makers and refunds to backers can be done instantly


Token Details
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
10,000 ETH
30,000 ETH
ERC20 Token Symbol
Total Token Supply
Total Token For Sale
Token Pre-Sale Price
Token Public Price
1 ETH = 1,300 FECO
1 ETH = 1,000 FECO
Minimum Individual Cap
0.3 ETH
Maximum Individual Cap
20 ETH
Token Allocation
65%Token Sales
20%Reward and Bounty
7.5%Contributors andAdvisors
7.5%FECO Team andFounders
Use of Proceeds
30%Market Development
20%Operation Overhead


July 2018
FairEco Launch
FairEco Platform Proof of Concept
The FairEco platform proof of concept has been developed including but not limited to maker and backer main functions, request withdrawal and consensus veto to abort the wire transfer. Security, performance and quality assurance processes are conducted intensively.
FairEco Platform Review
Invitation of system testing has been released iteratively. The FairEco platform features have been added and developed continuously based on feedback from the testing.
Q1 - Q2
FairEco Platform for Maker and Backer
Announcement of fully functional FairEco platform for the community. Backer’s wallet can be utilized to support maker’s projects. Funding of project can be aborted based on backer’s veto. We want to create the fair crowdfunding for everyone.



Thanawat Vanakul

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Thananchai Tharasirivat

Chief Blockchain Officer & Co-Founder

Joe Limwiwatkul

Chief Experience Officer

Anan Sukumpanumet

Chief Marketing Officer

Akkradach Watcharapupong

Chief Digital Information Officer